In-home Grilling Classes Make Great Gifts!

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Whether you're a beginner looking to learn how to grill everyday food or advanced griller looking for some new  methods to take your grill game to the next level I'll help you learn to make incredible food outdoors.    

We'll discuss grill or smoker selection, tools and spices, and techniques.  Over a few hours we will cook  amazing appetizers, delectable mains, succulent sides, and delicious  desserts all on your grill or smoker.  Current pricing is based on class  size and menu starting at:  1-3 people is $125 per hour (total, not  per person minimum of 2 hours) plus the cost of food; 4-7 people is $100  per person including the food, and 8-30 people is $75 per person  including the food.  Classes are usually held in private homes because people want to learn how to cook on their equipment, but we can host too.

Pricing is based on final menu chosen.  Don't live in Charlotte?  We will travel to you!  Call for pricing.  Additional travel fee will apply outside of this area.