Whatever the sport it's always tailgate season!

whole hog

Up your "tailgate game" at home or the game, serve the best in CLT.

  1. First tune in to see us on WBTV-CBS, WCNC-NBC, AND WJZY-FOX every month for new ideas to pump up your tailgate party during our "2 Minute Grill" segments.
  2. Let us do all the work and sit back and enjoy the party.  We can cater your entire party at the game or at home.
  3. Bowl season is coming up and NFL playoffs so plan your game-day menu early.  
  4. Remember if "it was living or growing, or had parents, we'll grill it!"

For the big game, here are some standard BBQ packages that feed 6-8 people.

  1. $32 pork package:  (2) lbs. hickory smoked pulled pork, KA beans, Ernie's slaw, rolls, BBQ & NC vinegar sauce.
  2. $35 chicken package:  (2) lbs. apple wood smoked pulled chicken, KA beans, Ernie's slaw, rolls, BBQ sauce
  3. $55 beef package:  (2) lbs. oak smoked chopped beef, KA beans, Ernie's slaw, rolls, BBQ sauce.
  4. Char-grilled wings, 3 different slaws, mac & cheese, KA beans, steak, pork or beef loin, chicken pieces, turkey and duck, vegetarian, and a whole lot more. 
  5. Please note our minimum catering order is $400.